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The pain I feel but I know I don’t deserve. You’re one of the most beautiful people I know. Getting through this is a miracle to the doctors but God said otherwise. I’m so happy for you I just cried for you. Although I cry tears of joy I’m scared. Will you ever be able to smile again? You know, the way you did before…. People take so much for granted everyday. It’s beyond cliche to say “don’t take life for granted” but you know what? You’re my living proof as to why I need to always remain humble. Rachel I love you with all my being. We were never around each other 24/7 but the moment we came together it was always as if we were never apart. I pray for you to get better everyday and to see God work gives me strength. This strength isn’t just any other strength either. Words can’t explain the way I feel. My feelings can’t even express the way I feel. I’ll have you read this one day; I wonder if it will be lost in cyber space. You’re my angel. I love you prima ❤️

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